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Senderos is going to Milan on loan

Tuesday, August 26th, 2008

Philippe Senderos tonight looks ready to leave Arsenal, as he is having a medical with AC Milan.

Senderos, currently recovering from a back injury is set to sign a 1 year loan deal, which reportedly includes an option to sign him permanently for around £6million.

Wenger stands by Adebayor

Saturday, August 23rd, 2008

Lewin changing a nappy

Ahead of the game at Fulham today, here’s a look over some of what has been said this week.

I think there have been some interesting comments from Arsene Wenger, following Adebayor signing a new contract worth £80,000 a week, having spent his summer noisily threatening to leave the club and being booed during the Arsenal victory over West Brom last week. Here I’ve collected what has been said on the subject in the last few days.

Wenger thinks the fans should lay off Adebayor now:

“We have to get behind him and support him because he is a tremendous force and has tremendous importance for the team, What happened in the transfer period did not always reflect his deep desire and overall I am positive he will recover.

I think he is settled in his own mind now. But you want your own fans to be behind him. Every player needs to feel wanted.” [1]

Legendary Arsenal striker Alan Smith (Cup Winner’s Cup final ’94 anyone?) had this to say about the booing of Adebayor in his column in the Telegraph:

“I think the booing on Saturday was down more to the fact he didn’t pass when he should and it was only a small section. Another section were calling his name.

This is massive for Arsenal. You look around at centre forwards and players like Adebayor are at a premium. That’s why they are so valuable. He can do everything; he’s great in the air, fast and strong. If he had left you would have had to question the way things were going. The message it would have sent out would have been awful.” [2]

Wenger also spoke about Adebayor getting booed:

“I believe it was linked with results and goalscoring.

It was an edgy, nervous game because when you are one up your fans want to be reassured with another goal.

He had a few opportunities to score the second goal and didn’t do it. Give him time and watch him score.

I cannot understand their disappointment with him – his heart is with the club.” [3]

Sorry, couldn't resist

Wenger spoke a little more about the transfer saga:

“He had a lot of interest from many big clubs but he always told me one-to-one his preference was to stay,” said Wenger.

“I was convinced he wanted to do that and I know he made sacrifices.

“People have advisors and some clubs pay higher wages than we do, we have to accept that.

“The story did not come out like that in the press and unfortunately he is paying a price for a story which is not really him. He made a press conference in Austria where people interpreted his statements a bit differently, but I know what he told me.

“[Overall] I believe that Emmanuel has been unfairly treated.” [4]

I’ve hinted at it before but the best thing Arsenal fans can take from this situation is that Adebayor really has something to prove this season.

He had a great season last year, but after his flirtation with AC Milan and Barcelona and demands of higher wages from Arsenal he has put himself in the spotlight. If he does not produce the same level of performances this season he may not have such big clubs coming for him and would be made to look even more foolish.

In a way, I just wanted to collect this here because I think it is time to move on from this now. I’m not sure I have completely forgiven Adebayor, but the fact is it has happened now and Adebayor is still in an Arsenal shirt. I for one cannot see any sense in booing him further (though I understand it last week) or the clamour on some blogs for some sort of public hanging. All I hope is he gives his best for Arsenal this season. If he does that and next year he thinks that £80,000 a week still isn’t enough cash then he can go wherever he likes.