Arsenal Online is an Arsenal fan-site and blog first created in July 2008.

I endeavour to bring you the latest in Arsenal news, match reports and player news.

About the blogger

My name is John, and I’m a life-long Arsenal fan.
My mother is an Arsenal supporter and my father a Tottenham supporter; despite the lure of paternal Spurs, Gascoigne and Lineker in my childhood, I somehow managed to make the right decision. Maybe it’s because I liked red more than blue, or because I like my mum more than my dad I don’t know, but the footballing gods have shone kindly on my decision for 20 years.

Fate, however has struck me a cruel blow, as I am currently an ex-pat in Germany, so I don’t get much chance to attend Arsenal matches in person any more. (I last saw Arsenal play in a pre-season friendly against Stuttgart).

Undeterred by this minor inconvenience, I continue to follow Arsenal through the wonders of cable television and Irish sport pubs.


I love to have people comment on my posts, and hope that we can build a community of Arsenal fans around the site.
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However, let’s try to keep it friendly. I will not tolerate any racism, sexism, homophobia or other messages of hate to be posted in the comments section so don’t even try, your comments will be deleted and you should seek help.

Disclaimers e.t.c.

Arsenal Online is a fan-site and has no affiliation whatsoever with Arsenal FC, any of the players or Red and White PLC ( ;) )
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