What a load of Borucs, Eduardo charged by UEFA.

August 28th, 2009

Afternoon Gooners, apologies for the title, but when I’m making fun of the tabloids I enjoy mirroring their headline style for comic effect, or something.

A few things to talk about today, with Arsenal set to face off against Manchester Utd tomorrow, the Champions League group stage draw and all this palaver about Eduardo getting charged for diving by UEFA.


Eduardo goes down

First off, having convinvingly thrashed Celtic over 2 (trailing) legs, Arsenal have been drawn in Group H for the Champions League group stage. Here’s the group :

Group H

AZ Alkmaar
Standard Liege

Which is a group that you would really think Arsenal will top without any problems. First match is 15th/16th September and I can’t wait.

On to the main talking point of the last two days (and counting), Eduardo has now been officially charged by UEFA for ‘deceiving the referee’ during Arsenal’s one-sided pummeling of Celtic.

hoooo?...Tony Mowbray

hoooo?...Tony Mowbray

In case you missed the match or any of the sewage coming out of the pipe in the last 48 hours, the media and hooooo else but owl-faced Celtic boss Tony Mowbray would have us all believe that Celtic were well in the game with Arsenal until Eduardo’s dubious penalty gave Arsenal the advantage.

Well no, it wasn’t like that. Celtic were out-played and outclassed and barely managed more than a tiny handful of shots on goal over the two games. Arsenal were in complete control throughout and would have surely scored sooner or later in the second leg, so it is hardly as if the penalty could be said to have had much effect on the outcome of the game. Also, because of the away goals rule Celtic required 3 goals to win before the penalty and 3 goals to win after the penalty.

However, The furore has been so intense that it has lead to UEFA, lead by chief idiot Platini, (who never, ever dived by the way) to charge Eduardo and launch an investigation into the incident.

I’m usually not one to voice the old claim that the media/establishment dislike and are unfair to the Arsenal, but this whole thing stinks of inconsistency. Arsenal (with the exception perhaps of Eboue) are one of the fairer teams in top flight football, and I would point you to the way Arshavin reacted to an unjust penalty last season as an illustration of this.

I’m not going to say it wasn’t a dive. Maybe it was and maybe it wasn’t, there was a little contact but not much and it’s not as if Eduardo hit the floor as if had been shot. Which clumsily brings me to my main point here – and that is that diving has been a part of football for a long time and there are certain players who are prone to do it extremely frequently, yet one Arsenal player possibly dives against a beloved Scottish underdog team and it sparks days of debate, calls for and eventual charges from UEFA?

How bizarre. I mean, Ronaldo never got banned for diving after the event did he? He spends nearly as much time rolling around on the floor in mock agony as he does under a sun-bed. What about Drogba, Gerrard, Rooney, Young, Babel e.t.c e.t.c e.t.c

One final point of idiocy to point out before I try to forget about this loads of Borucs for ever; How is it that if the referee spots you diving you get a yellow card but if he doesn’t, you can be liable to a 2 match ban for deceiving him? If you dive you’re trying to deceive him whether he spots it or not, right?

Whatever, I’m just looking forward to Arsenal stuffing the Mancs tomorrow – After all, they don’t have Ronaldo to roll around and win free-kicks and penalties for them anymore do they. ;)

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9 Responses to “What a load of Borucs, Eduardo charged by UEFA.”

  1. chris Says:

    i feel that Eduardo did drive, however it was not the most blatant drive in the world and it was not in the most important situation. it just proves how the press are out to get arsenal. when a Man U or Chelsea player drives they show one replay and then they forget about it. i think it is totally unfair. i agree driving needs to stop but they should had stoped it years ago… not now!
    Gooner 4 life!

  2. va fan Says:

    So does that mean babel gets 2 match ban now? what about rooney diving so badly he gets yellow; then and moans like an animal swearing he’s head off?
    what did eduardo do? lay on the floor quiet? Does anyone remember when arshavin was playing and he said to the referee he fell it wasn’t a foul that was over ruled?
    and Barcelona are not champions anymore? They had the intent to hand ball in front of the referee? who erm saw nothing? that can be viewed again on video?

  3. Bruce Wayne Says:

    Ronaldo might not have been banned but you would have been crying out for him to be, everybody wants to see diving outlawed in the game and it has to start somewhere, and lets face it, its not as if we are going to miss him, we’ll walk the group anyway. As long as they keep this constant for all european clubs (especially madrid) i will have no complaints. i was at the game on wed and from my top tier seat i could see it was a dive and it can’t be allowed and as much as i love eddy, he doesn’t need to do it. DOWN WITH CITY, PEACE OUT!

  4. Stu Says:

    Lets get a few things straight, the keeper caught his foot with his knee! Fact!
    A few other things, Celtic fans were crap, couldn’t hear them all night, their team were crap, really poor! They moan about not having money, but what has Arsene spent, not a lot! Celtic would struggle in the Championship, they are nowhere near the level of West Brom or Cardiff or even Newcastle. You have no class Celtic, just face it, the English whooped your fat Scottish backsides!!The only thing decent about your club is your manager, he carries himself very well.

  5. Patrick malanda Says:

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  6. panaigialeios Says:

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  9. Chi Flanary Says:

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