Van Persie scores with right foot!

October 30th, 2008

Yeah, that’s all I really want to talk about today.
Arsenal’s aspirations were dealt a blow last night when they failed to beat a Redknapp rejuvenated but still struggling Spurs side at the Emirates.

So maybe I was lucky, depends on how you look at it really, but I actually missed the game because I was watching Leonard Cohen in Frankfurt last night. I bought my ticket for the gig before the fixtures were announced and I was really gutted to miss the opportunity to witness the Gunners thrashing Spurs. Well it didn’t turn out like that and maybe seeing Cohen was actually less depressing than watching Arsenal fail to beat the spuds! I was getting updates from the match by phone and when I left the gig I thought we’d won! Heartbreaking.

So I won’t go into too much of a match report because I’ve only seen the goals and some highlights through the wonders of the internet, and because, well, what Arsenal fan wants to relive this any further?

Arsenal went behind to a Bentley strike from 35 yards, but came back with goals from Silvestre and Gallas to be 2-1 up, before Adebayor bundled home Nasri’s chip for 3-1. It went to 3-2 when Bent scored before Van Persie smashed home for 4-2.
At that point it should have been all over, but Arsenal snatched a draw from the jaws of victory by letting Spurs score not once but twice in the last few minutes.

It’s a really sickening result for Arsenal fans, the Gunners showed a real lack of experience and level heads to allow Spurs to get the point.
I don’t care how young our kids are, you should not let 3 points slip away against a poor team in the last 5 minutes. Shut up shop! There is a time for attractive football and a time where you should keep the ball and stop the other team from scoring at the end. Forget your perfect offering, there is a crack in everything, that’s where you let the bloody goals in! ;)

It’s the same old story of inexperience from Arsenal really, here’s what Wenger has had to say :

“I am angry. We have to look at ourselves and improve. The players are very down. We were two levels above Tottenham and they were there for the taking. It was damaging. The maturity problem will improve with intelligence. They will learn from their mistakes. We have to work out why that happened and make sure it doesn’t happen again.”

Sounds like the same old story to me. Arsenal had Gallas and Silvestre in the centre of defence – Are you telling me it is because of inexperience that they failed to defend?  Almunia had a very bad game, he’s still a class keeper but he dropped a couple of clangers. But these things happen and he was unlucky to have 2 mistakes happen in one game. I hope he picks himself up and doesn’t let his mistakes dwell on his mind like Lehmann did.

Arsenal have to pick themselves up for the trip to Stoke on Saturday, they absolutely have to put the Spurs result out of their minds and get the 3 points, Arsenal are dropping behind in the title race and we haven’t even played any decent teams yet.

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  1. manas Says:


    I am an Indian of 48 years old. Football and Arsenal are my passions and yesterday also I saw the match in TV till 03-30 am in the morning. I think this team has no future. Excepting Fabregas and Van Persie and to some extent Nasri and Gallas, all other players are very very ordinary. Old Lehman is still better than Almunia, worst goalkeeper ever played for Arsenal. Denelson is below par. Adebayor is another overrated player, whom I dislike most. Very clumsy player. Clichy and Walcott are very erratic, no consistency like Ashlay or Pires. Eduardo and Rosiscy are badly needed in this team. But first man to be replaced is Almunia. I think even Fabinsky would be better. If Wenger does not take quality players in January, this will be his last year I can foresee, though I am a great fan of Wenger.

  2. admin Says:

    Now steady on a minute there chap, I think that was the first bad performance I can remember from Almunia all season; I think we need to wait and see before making judgement on one poor performance.

    Actually yeah, that is pretty much my response to your entire comment – You have to wait and see.

    It’s a very young team, I think we are just seeing the results of that inexperience. The only way I can see ‘no future’ for the team is if Fabregas (or other integral player) leaves at the end of the season. After the loss of Flamini with no real replacement, that would be a hammer-blow to the squad.

    Adebayor can be very frustrating, he does have some poor touches and has a tendency to get offside. But look at the West Ham game at the weekend, he totally turned that around for us, I don’t think we would have won it without him coming off the bench. Also he does create a lot of chances for other players, and drops back to get involved.

    You are writing off a lot of good players off, I take your point but you can’t really compare Walcott to Pires unfavourably yet, Walcott is a just a lad and Pires was at the peak of his game!
    And i’d rather have Clichy than Cashley on the pitch any day of the week!

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