Inler is out of the running

August 26th, 2008

After Saturday’s defeat at Fulham I’m sure you all are wondering, as I am, if Arsene Wenger is going to be signing a new midfielder for Arsenal. Reports today [1] suggest that one mooted prospect, Gokhan Inler of Udinese, has stated that he does not want to move to Arsenal.

Inler’s agent said;

“We have decided that Inler remains in Udinese.

Any player would want to play for Arsenal of course, but for Inler this may be perhaps a little early. Maybe a season too early.”

I can’t say I’m sure what he means by that, perhaps Arsenal did not offer him enough money?

Meanwhile Arsene Wenger, who had previously [2] hinted that he would sign a central midfielder, said after the Fulham game;

“When you lose a game the solution is not always to buy.

Did we play at our best? I say no and so we have to look at why?” [3]

Wenger is right that it is not wise to buy a player on an impulse after a sorry defeat, however it was clear that Arsenal needed to sign a player before the Fulham game, and the Fulham game only reinforced this. I had been thinking that Wenger was likely to sign someone, but now…

All of this of course leaves Arsenal fans with only 2 rumoured midfield prospects to go on, Xabi Alonso and Gareth Barry. Cesc Fabregas said he wanted Alonso to come;

“He is my friend and apart from that he is a great professional, a great passer of the ball, he works hard defensively, he’s scoring goals now, he’s experienced and he is only 26.”

With the transfer window deadline approaching it’s looking less and likely. I’m going to try to end on a positive not though! So, some good news today is that while Liverpool seem to have stalled in talks to buy Barry, it looks like they will be signing Albert Riera from Espanyol, which could mean Alonso is more likely to come to Arsenal.

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